2019 Social Media Image Sizes

Making your you have great marketing content across the different social media platforms  is essential to growing a business in today’s world. But with so many different social media platforms that all require unique image dimensions for posting, it can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to creating your content. This is why we have put together a quick  guide for your 2019 social media image sizes across 6 of the top platforms.

In our guide, we cover:

• Facebook
• Instagram
• LinkedIn
• Twitter
• Pinterest
• YouTube

To make it easier on themselves, some businesses simply create one piece of content and distribute this across each platform, or create one header image and try t crop it for each different platform. This is totally fine, if you like coming across to potential customers as unprofessional. But if you want to carry excellence in everything you do, and you want potential customers to notice this, it’s best to make sure each piece of content (or header image) is created correctly.

Below you will find the image guides for each of the 6 social platforms we have mentioned. You will also be able to purchase our 2019 Social Media Bundle, which includes image templates (with guides) for all of the mentioned image types. This means that instead of reading this blog and creating your own templates, you could just download ours.

Along with the image templates (.psd files), by purchasing the 2019 Social Media Bundle, you will receive:

• A complete (editable) 2019 calendar – with important dates – to plan and prepare your years social media posts
• A list of 136 worldwide celebration days (complete with official hashtags) to make sure you’re promoting causes that are important to your business
• The below image guide (.pdf file)

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Instagram Image Sizes

Standard Instagram images are square, so any image that is perfectly square will be allowed to upload to your timeline. However, as mentioned above, it is important to understand that images are made up of thousands of tiny squares (called pixels), and these pixels will either be expanded or reduced to enable your image to fit Instagram’s required size.
The standard size for a square image on Instagram is 1080 x 1080 (1080 pixels wide and high). So if you upload an image that is 540px x 540px, each pixel that makes up the image will double in size when uploaded to Instagram. This might not make a huge difference, but it will make the image more blurry, as the pixels are expanded.
If you upload an image that is 1500px x 1500px, Instagram will reduce the image pixel size to meet its requirements. This will result in absolutely zero image quality loss, and a much nicer looking timeline.
Instagram also allows for non-square images to be uploaded (see below). The same pixel guidelines apply for these types of images.

Type of Image Dimensions
Profile ImagesOptimum Size110px x 110px
Max Resolution180px x 180px
Timeline ImagesStandard Square Image1080px x 1080px (max allowable 2048 x 2048)
Landscape Image1080px x 566px
Portrait Image1080px x 1350px (displays as 600x750)
Instagram Stories1080px x 1920px




Facebook Image Sizes

Unlike Instagram, Facebook is a platform that was built for web first, and mobile second.
This means that your followers are likely to be looking at your updates from an device, and this means that you need to be particularly careful about how you craft your images.
This is especially true for your Facebook Page header image.
It’s devastating to put so much effort into crafting that perfect header image, only to find out half of the information has been cut out on the mobile view.
For this reason, In our 2019 social media bundle, we have included a special Facebook page header template that has guides to indicate where to keep your important content inside. This way you can get your message across no matter what device your Facebook page is being viewed on.
Below are the image guidelines for Facebook.

Type of ImageDimensions
Profile Picture*160px x 160px
Facebook Page Header**1720px x 720px
Newsfeed Image***472px x 394px
Event Image****1920px x 1080px
Link Sharing1200px x 628px

* A circle guide has been included in our 2019 Social Media Bundle

** In our 2019 Social Media Bundle we have included a template with shows the mobile viewing area, to make sure all of your important information doesn’t get lost on different devices.

*** Facebook Images for your regular posts are pretty relaxed, but this is the optimum size.

**** We have included a template that includes guides for mobile viewing in our 2019 Social Media Bundle

Typically, you will never need these link sharing dimensions, as Facebook automatically pull an image directly off the link that is being shared.
To have more control over the images that are being shared from your own website, you need to set what image is going to be used by using the “og:image” tag in the < head > section on the page you are sharing.

If you need help with this, feel free to contact us at [email protected]



LinkedIn Image Sizes

Type of Image Dimensions
Profile Image*400px x 400px
Background/Cover Image**1584px x 396px
Business Background Image***1536px x 768px
Newsfeed****Landscape Images1104px x 578px (ratio of 1:0.52)
Portrait Images1104px x 1380px (ratio of 1:1.25)
Square Images1104px x 1104px (ratio of 1:1)
LinkedIn Article Header Image1200px x 644px
Business Header Image*****1536px x 262px (ratio of 0.17:1)

* Make sure you’re the only one in the image and at least one of your eyes align with the provided eye guide dots in the template in the 2019 Social Media Bundle.

** In our 2019 Social Media Bundle, we have given you guides to show where your profile image will sit on both your newsfeed and your viewable profile.
How your profile image sits on top of your background image while browsing your newsfeed isn’t too important, but you need to make sure that when others are viewing your profile, your face doesn’t block out important details on your background image.

*** This is for background images for business pages.
Although LinkedIn suggest a resolution of 1536px x 768px, only 1536×262 is viewable.
This is why we have provided a template of 1536px x 262px in the 2019 Social Media Bundle.
We have tested this and it works perfectly.

**** The LinkedIn newsfeed has a maximum image width of 552px and will scale all images accordingly.
If you were to add an image that has a dimension ratio of more than 1:1.25 (width:height), then LinkedIn will crop your image as the maximum image height for a newsfeed post is 690px.
The optimum image sizes for each view are listed below, however LinkedIn don’t restrict your newsfeed image to set sizes. This means you can have an image of any size, within the dimension ratios of 1:0.52 – 1.25, without LinkedIn cropping your images.

***** LinkedIn recommend an image that is 1536×768. However, we are unsure why this is, as when you upload an image of this size, the majority of the image gets cropped out.
We have tested the size we have given you here (and the provided template) in the 2019 Social Media Bundle, and it fits the dimensions perfectly, without any cropping required.




2019 Social Media Bundle

2019 Social Media Bundle

Only NZ$19.95

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Pinterest Image Sizes

Type of ImageDimensions
Profile Image160px x 160px
Board Cover Image800px x 800px
Pins *1000px x 1500px

* Vertical pins need to be at a ratio of 2:3 (or 1:1.5), and can be any size that fits this ration (we have included a few different templates in the 2019 Social Media Bundle), but can not be any smaller than 236px(w) x 353px(h).




Twitter Image Sizes

Image TypeDimensions
Profile Image400px x 400px
Header Image1500px x 500px
Twitter Feed Images900px x 450px




YouTube Image Sizes

Type of ImageDimensions
Channel Icon (profile picture)800px x 800px
Channel Art (header image) *2048px x 1152px

* This one is a little strange.
YouTube will not allow you to upload an image that is smaller than 2048px wide and 1152px high. However, once uploaded, the viewing area is only 2048px wide and 336px high. YouTube will also center the image.
This means that if you create channel art which is the full width and height of the minimum dimensions, only the center 336px (high) will be shown.
YouTube also show previews of what your channel art will look like on various devices. These previews show the full width and height of the channel art being viewable on a TV. However, our testing shows this is not the case.
In fact, our testing shows that when viewing as a subscriber on a TV, the bottom 15 of the 336px is also cut off. This leave a viewing area on a TV of around 330px.

Our testing has also showed us that the channel art simply resizes depending on the viewing device. When we tested this for our own channel art, the viewable part of the image that was seen on a desktop computer was exactly the same as on a mobile phone and TV (minus a few pixels cut off the bottom on the TV).
In our 2019 Social Media Bundle guide, we have created a full template which meets YouTube’s specifications (2048px x 11152px), but have gone to great lengths to provide layered guides which show very clearly which part will be viewable and where your profile images will show up on mobile, and on every other platform.




2019 Social Media Bundle

2019 Social Media Bundle

Only NZ$19.95

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Best Cross-Platform Guides

So, you’ve created a blog post, or have a new product you want to share with the world. You could spend hours crafting individual posts for each platforms individual specifications…


You could create one image that will fit in with each platform and save yourself hours of work!

To do this, you need to figure out which platform has the most restrictive image requirements and create your image to fit nicely on that platform.

The most restrictive of platforms, when it comes to posting images, would likely be Pinterest, as its “pins” are required to be a certain dimension. However, creating all of your images to look good on Pinterest and then posting these same images on other platforms will cause you a world of issues when it comes to cropping etc. on other platforms.

When we create our images, we tend to create them with Instagram in mind, as every other platform will natively show our images as squares without losing any part of the image to cropping.

For this reason, we would recommend that you also create your images for Instagram first and then publish that same image across all platforms except for Pinterest. If you do use Pinterest, you will most likely want to create a separate image for that platform due to how specific, and unique, its requirements for images are.

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