How Many Times Should I Post to Social Media

How many times should i post to social media?
This is an age old question.

It’s fairly logical to think that posting more frequently will lead to greater chances of your content being seen, which will lead to more people following your brand/business and this leads to more sales.
So if that’s the case, why not post 2, 3, 10, 20 times per day on all platforms?
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The Power of Using Faces on Your Website

The psychology of web design (or just design in general) is actually very interested. You can increase the chances of a website visitor turning into a paying customer by several percent by implementing incredibly basic changes. Changes that mimic how we interact with people in real life. You may not even be aware of the amount of analysis and thought that can go in to placing a certain image at a certain point on any specific web page, and if the designer is doing their job, you shouldn’t be aware of this at all. One area of particular significance, when it comes to psychology of design is the use of faces. Faces give a persona touch to any design project, as people  are easily able to relate to seeing a face. In this article we will go over the power of using faces on your website.

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WordPress Basics: Setting Up

With over 50% of all websites being built on WordPress, more and more people are jumping on board and using the worlds most popular CMS. In 2019 we will be going through a series of articles that help explain WordPress basics in more detail.

In this post we will go through the set up of your WordPress site. More specifically, we will look at the dashboard, user settings, and general settings.
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What to Think About When Rebranding

In our article title “Should I Rebrand or Refresh?” we discussed when a company/business should go through the rebranding process and when it should simply execute a refresh of its identity. Rebranding is not as simple as deciding on a new name, logo, and motto. The process can be very complicated and there are many moving parts that are often forgotten about because they seem so minor. In this article, we will use our own experience of the rebranding process to show you what to think about when rebranding.
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