What to do When Facebook Deny Your Page Name Change

Businesses go through many different cycles. They grow (hopefully), evolve, and often take on a completely different form than what was intended when the business began. This can often result in a name change. What was initially a magnificent business /brand name at day one, no longer makes sense. In cases where businesses change their name, it can either be a very simple, or very complex job, depending on the size of the business. However, regardless of the business’s size, there’s a high chance that there is a Facebook Page for the business that needs to be updated to keep up with the branding overall. We have found that this process is not as straightforward as one might hope, and there seem to be a lot of criteria that you must meet before Facebook will allow you to change the name of the page. In this article, we will show you what to do when Facebook deny your page name change, and hopefully we can help you to avoid any stress or anxiety with this process.
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Stop Hurting Your Visitors Eyes

With the introduction of DIY website builders, anyone can put elements on a page and call it a website. This is great news for hobbyists, or small business owners with very tight budgets, but it has made the internet a much harder place to look at. Many websites are now build by plumbers, sewers, cake makers, etc. Essentially, people who have no design background or expertise, and the result of this can literally cause pain and discomfort to website visitors through eye strain. Eye strain is when the viewing content causes the viewer to strain their eyes in order to focus on the viewable content. In cases of prolonged eye strain, this it can lead to the viewer (site visitor) to experience headaches. You need to make sure you stop hurting your visitors eyes.
I’m sure you can understand why it’s not the best idea to leave your potential customers with a headache after visiting your website.
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Build your own database of clients

Stop Being Held to Ransom by Your Agency: 4 Steps to Building Your Own Personal Database of Leads

In this post, we discuss a very specific way that you can stop being held to ransom by your agency, and give you 4 steps to building your own personal database of leads.
This is fantastic for anyone who is working as an independent contractor, but under the name of  parent company, or anyone who works in an industry where it is common, and easy, to go out on your own and start your own business.

For example:
• Real estate agents
• Hairdressers
• Personal trainers
• Beauty industry

We take you through the 4 step process to make sure that when you decide to leave your employer and go out on your own, you’re able to keep a database of your clients. Below, we talk about real estate agents (realtors), but this same process is applicable to anyone, in any industry.

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2019 Social Media Image Sizes

Making your you have great marketing content across the different social media platforms  is essential to growing a business in today’s world. But with so many different social media platforms that all require unique image dimensions for posting, it can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to creating your content. This is why we have put together a quick  guide for your 2019 social media image sizes across 6 of the top platforms.

In our guide, we cover:

• Facebook
• Instagram
• LinkedIn
• Twitter
• Pinterest
• YouTube

To make it easier on themselves, some businesses simply create one piece of content and distribute this across each platform, or create one header image and try t crop it for each different platform. This is totally fine, if you like coming across to potential customers as unprofessional. But if you want to carry excellence in everything you do, and you want potential customers to notice this, it’s best to make sure each piece of content (or header image) is created correctly.

Below you will find the image guides for each of the 6 social platforms we have mentioned. You will also be able to purchase our 2019 Social Media Bundle, which includes image templates (with guides) for all of the mentioned image types. This means that instead of reading this blog and creating your own templates, you could just download ours.

Along with the image templates (.psd files), by purchasing the 2019 Social Media Bundle, you will receive:

• A complete (editable) 2019 calendar – with important dates – to plan and prepare your years social media posts
• A list of 136 worldwide celebration days (complete with official hashtags) to make sure you’re promoting causes that are important to your business
• The below image guide (.pdf file)

Click here to purchase the 2019 Social Media Bundle for only NZ$19.95
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Is Your Website Driving Customers Away?

A few years ago, you might have been able to get away with slapping together a website, putting some key business info on there (what you do and how much you do it for), and leveraging this to grow your business. But today’s consumers are far more savvy, and (let’s be honest) far less patient, than they were 3 – 5 years ago. This is not just true for everyday consumers who want to make a purchase directly from a website, but also for business to business consumers who might commit to doing regular business with you weeks after first landing on your website.
We now live in a world where you could have the highest quality, lowest price, and best customer service available and still miss out on sales because you fail to understand that potential clients are first interested in how you present that information.

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