Professional Email Signatures

Only NZ$150

No matter what stage your business is at, we can be certain that you will be using some form of email to communicate with clients and/or potential clients. Putting a professional face on these email exchanges is not only crucial to showing that your business is the real deal, but a professional email signature goes a long way to getting your potential clients to "know, like, and trust" you.

If you have ever received an email from a business associate and wished your signature was like theirs, or even just wished you knew how to create a professional email signature, then we can help you.

When trying to close that next deal

Do you really want to be signing off emails exchanges with
"Sent from iPhone" ?

The anatomy of a great professional email signature

1. An image of either your company logo or your face
2. The name of the team or individual the email is being sent from
3. The company name in company branded colors
4. Contact details of the person/team who sent the email with a line break so these are easy to distinguish
5. Contact details as individual clickable links so the recipient can create an email to you with one simple click and/or visit your website for more information
6. Individual clickable icons so that the recipient can find/follow you or your company on social media

What We Can Do For You

• Create a fully custom professional email signature to suit your business branding
• Create multiple versions so you can switch between a generic company signature and a personal signature
• Create your professional email signature in html code so that it looks the same whatever device it is viewed on
• Create individual clickable links to allow you to direct clients to different social media/branding accounts you might have
• Have your professional email signature ready within 48 hours

Email Signatures