Simple Instagram Hashtag Hack

We wanted to take some time to help all of you budding Instagram celebrities out there by sharing a simple Instagram hashtag hack. This isn’t like a “fool the system” hack, but more of an easier way to figure out what hashtags to use on your next post.


Before we begin, please note that this is not a guarantee of success, but simply a suggestion of something that has worked for us.


It can be hard finding the right hashtags to use on your post. While you’re allowed up to 30 hashtags, finding ones that will shoot your latest image to overnight success can be super tricky. There are tools (both free and paid) t there to help you figure out what the most popular hashtags are, but this is a simple Instagram hashtag hack that doesn’t take long and can actually  help you to find new inspiration along the way.

In our example, we will be using web design posts (something we know a little bit about), but it is transferable across any and all niches.


So you’ve created the perfect image and crafted the perfect text to go along with it. All you need now is for people to be able to find it.



Step One

Start by adding the most obvious hashtag choice – for this example, we chose #webdesign


Step Two

Type That hashtag into Instagram via the desktop version (not the phone app) and click on it to search images



Step Three

Find 4 or 5 of the top images from that hashtag (most number of likes and comments) and open these in a new tab



Step Four

Look at what other hashtags these images used that are relevant to your post and search them
If the hashtag that you choose to search has over 1,000,000 posts then use it and search for other images with this new hashtag.



Step Five

Repeat steps until you have all 30 hashtags


Remember to only use hashtags that are relevant to your image/post and if this means that only 16tags are used on your post then that’s fine. It’s better to be seen as relevant than it is to be seen as desperate.


If you have any comments, remarks, or questions, leave them in the comments section below.

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